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penguin-website-design-authors-kinloch Redesign

Working together with Penguin’s global marketing team and technical groups it was a genuine privilege to partner with a publisher whose timeless and distinctive brand has been part of my experience since I could first read.

Steve Inskeep (NPR) Website Design

Steve Inskeep is one of several NPR hosts I have worked with (Michele Norris, Tom Gjelten). For this project the focus was promoting his prescient new book Differ We Must: How Lincoln Succeeded in a Divided America.

James Kaplan Website Design

For James Kaplan’s forthcoming epic multi-biography, 3 Shades of Blue; Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans and the lost Empire of Cool, I redesigned his website, updating the UX and adding rich media. I also added a raft of new UI and movement to the site. We retained our previous richly-researched work for Kaplan’s books on Irving Berlin and Frank Sinatra.

Salman Rushdie

Working directly with the author, I created the design for Salman’s personal author website and archive. During the early design process, I reached out to people across the world who have crafted creative responses to Salman’s work, from internationally acclaimed artists to children doing school projects. The dynamic grid on Salman’s home page draws from a…

Design for Author and WSJ reporter Erich Schwartzel

Working with Wall Street Journal reporter Erich Schwartzel I developed a creative brief and brand style to project his work as a reporter author. We focused on his new book Red Carpet: Hollywood, China and the Battle for Cultural Supremacy, but built an online platform that was branded in a way that would work with future titles and projects.

The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel

To promote Douglas Brunt’s new book, I conducted extensive research of relevant historical materials.

Vets Town Hall: 2021-22 Campaign

Following the success with the Veterans Town Halls online/web engagement I became the creative director for the print and digital asset advertising campaign. We created a set of interactive PDFs and templates for local Veteran Town Hall events. By “designing-in” the imagery and brand style management into the Acrobat software, various print processes and run sizes could easily be produced simply by typing in the event information.

John Irving Author Website Design

I have worked with John Irving for over 15 years as his lead creative on his website design and online branding.

Author website design for Joanna Schwartz
Joanna Schwartz

Website design for Joanna Schwartz and “Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable”. Includes real-life stories, court and article archives.

The Race Card Project (rebrand)

The new branding and style guide design for The Race Card Project and associated brands have taken over two years of research and development, drawing on cultural influences from around the world. Powerful inspiration has come from stories sent to the project and being part of live events in the US and Europe.

Narrative 4 rebrand by Adrian Kinloch
Narrative 4 Global (rebrand)

As the creative lead on my second design re-brand for Narrative 4, I worked closely with the founders Lisa Consiglio and Colum McCann, as well as the board and the communications team.

Author website design by Adrian Kinloch for Geraldine Brooks
Geraldine Brooks

Long-time client Geraldine Brooks and I developed a simple brief to update her online branding. I created the design for a new website, featuring her new book Horse, and simplify the publication workflow.

Screen Shot 2023-05-24 at 7.04.30 PM
Keyu Jin: The New China Playbook

Keyu and I developed a brief to support the promotion of her book The New China Playbook, as well as archiving her academic papers and journalism. The web platform we built allows for easy updates and content management from Keyu’s team and her publishers

Marc D Hauser

Professor Marc D Hauser required an author website to promote his new book “Vulnerable Minds”. As part of the project I setup the digital tools to enable Marc to his published papers and store documents.

Zain Asher NYC author website design
Zain E. Asher

Website design for author and news anchor Zain E. Asher with a confident and authentic concept to present her book, Where The Children Take Us, and her work at CNN’s One World.


My latest design for the new BridgeBox™ identity toolkit has gone into production. It has already been used for some powerful engagements around the US and UK major global tech companies, universities and non-profits. It is a major part of my body of work for The Race Card Project and The Bridge at Aspen. The…

Amor Towles – The Lincoln Highway

Author website design for the critically acclaimed best-selling Amor Towles using hand-made collage and vintage imagery from Amor’s collection

Girls Who Code & Reshma Saujani

For several years I’ve been photographing Reshma Saujani and her organization Girls Who Code to extend their outreach and publicity

Colum McCann

I created the style guide and design for Colum’s author website. Central to the project a space for Colum’s site-exclusive pieces and weekly letter to young writers.

Social Media Design by Adrian Kinloch for Humanities New York
Humanities New York

Land Liberty and Loss is a major new event program from Humanities New York. I was bought in as the creative lead to design and produce a comprehensive set of new digital assets.

Jon Gertner

My design for Jon’s author website and archive makes use of dramatic historical and contemporary imagery to promote his two books; The Ice at the End of the World, and The Idea Factory.

Author website design by Adrian Kinloch for Georgia Hunter
Georgia Hunter

With the announcement of Georgia’s second book One Good Thing and a Hulu series for We Were the Lucky Ones, I re-worked the UX and updated the design for her author website.

John Irving

I’ve worked closely with John and his team designing the UX for two major book launches and creating three website redesigns.

Sebastian Junger

Working with Sebastian, Hachette and agent Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency – I designed his website and online archive for his books, articles, and films.