Creative director for international product development

My latest design for the new BridgeBox™ identity toolkit has gone into production. It has already been used for some powerful engagements around the US and UK major global tech companies, universities and non-profits. It is a major part of my body of work for The Race Card Project and The Bridge at Aspen.

The brief was to provide a simple way to get large or small groups in all kinds of environments to find connections in identity with the stories we included in the kits.

As part of the piloting phase I had the honor of traveling the US and Europe to see my design in use. This simple toolbox opens strong emotional connections and catalyzes dialogue around gender, sexuality, race, and culture. Even in communities that worked closely, but sat apart, fresh bonds of compassion and empathy authentically emerged.

The production version comes as a brushed aluminum box that opens to reveal cue cards, storyboards and branded post-its. The kit can contain stories from our 250,00+ archive or can be created for a specific diversity and inclusion partner. For the latter I design pilot engagements tighly aligned with the social environment of the community involved.

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