Author and News Anchor website design

Working directly with Zain we developed a strong, authentic style to present her first book, Where The Children Take Us, and her current position as an anchor at CNN. Importantly I developed her new official author website on a platform that is very easy for Zain to work with.

Zain provided me with many vintage family images that helped tell the story of her Nigerian parents in Africa and growing up in South London, England. This provided an immediate and fruitful common reference for us as we developed the concept for Zain’s brand guide. It was also a creative thrill to work with Beowulf Sheehan and his gorgeous portrait photoraphy. The design team at Harper Collins provided some creative visual elements in order for me to subtly intergrate their marketing vision into Zain’s peresntation.

“Zain moved to New York, where she worked as a freelance reporter at News 12 Networks and later Money Magazine before becoming a business correspondent at CNN. She is the anchor of One World with Zain Asher on CNN International, a primetime show devoted to giving every continent, especially Africa, an equal seat at the global table.”

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