Research and Design for Book Website

To promote Douglas Brunt’s new book, I conducted extensive research of relevant historical materials. I have directed the content and design of Doug’s author website for many years, implementing frequent updates to the brand presentation, and I am proud that this latest version was the most extensive re-design and development to date.

We added a full spectrum of compelling, historically authentic content to entice readers to engage with the book, with the ultimate goal of increasing consumer pre-orders and engaging robust editorial interest.

The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel is already being critically acclaimed.

“Equal parts Walter Isaacson and Sherlock Holmes, The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel yanks back the curtain on the greatest caper of the 20th century in this riveting history.”

Jay Winik, New York Times best selling author of 1944: FDR and the Year that Changed History

“The hidden history of one of the world’s greatest inventors, a man who disrupted the status quo and then disappeared into thin air on the eve of World War I—this book answers the hundred-year-old mystery of what really became of Rudolf Diesel.”

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