Website and Archive Design

Joanna came to me with two primary requirements. First to create a compelling user experience to introduce readers to her non-fiction book “Shielded: How the Police Became Untouchable”

Secondly, there was a need to develop a working online tool for her research, a repository of court documents and articles that would also provide a deeper engagement for readers of her book. This also gave us a great opportunity to create content for a wide and relevant search engine footprint to bring more people to Joanna’s Work.

My creative direction for the site maximizes the use of content that Joanna already had in her deep research and reporting. I threaded this diverse collection of information into intuitive pathways, for both academic and general readers. A readers guide section was designed to include downloads and interviews to help encourage the selection of Shielded for book groups. The academic side of the content is carefully balanced to create genuine authenticity and robust factual foundations.

“In Shielded, UCLA law professor Joanna Schwartz exposes the myriad ways in which our legal system protects police at all costs, cutting across race, gender, criminal history, tax bracket, and zip code. The product of more than two decades of advocacy and research, Shielded is a timely and necessary investigation into why civil rights litigation so rarely leads to justice or prevents future police misconduct.”

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