I have had the pleasure to work with John Irving for over 15 years as his lead creative on his website design and online branding.

For the most recent version of his website, I created a brief that honed the user interface into an extremely concise set of touchpoints. This gave space for the atmospheric, quiet layering to draw the viewer into his latest work The Last Chairlift. Everyone engaged enthusiastically with the design and creative process. I was provided with exclusive contemporary photography as well as vintage archival imagery.

To keep the interface as un-cluttered as possible I designed a series of layered, animated, interactivity that would open up according to the user’s needs from the site. The result is a very fluid engagement but with all parts of John’s deep archive easily accessible.

From the start of the project I collected feedback from John and his team on the content management components of the site. I set up a brand-new framework for a fuss-free and simple production route for publishing to the website.

We also completely reorganized the back-catalog of work and built custom areas in the editing interface for very easy addition of the publisher’s information on each title.

John, his content manager, and Simon & Schuster were thrilled with the visual experience of the new site.

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