Creative direction, UX design, illustration, digital/print engagements & ongoing campaigns

Working with Jan’s deep back-catalog of directorial and scriptwriting work I created a new space that would engage her large film-making audience with her debut novel Hannah’s War.

The design and creative brief included the development of unique tools and content for book clubs such as Hannah’s War-themed menus, cocktails, and WW2 period-styled reading materials.

A central feature we developed for the book club page is the ability for clubs to book Jan for streaming Q & As.

During the research stage, Jan and I poured through all kinds of historic and rare documents including the Official MOD airframe secret plans for the Hurricane fighter. This enabled me to use authentic texturing and tone for the presentation of the novel.

The creative scope included UX design, author website tools, print, and event design. The film archive presents a unique way to include rich media, celebrate Jan’s screen work, and draw traffic organically to her book from a wide variety of social and media networks.

Designing all these features in a way that make them easy to use for Jan and her content team means the site constantly grows and evolves in engaging and SEO-friendly ways.

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